Andrea Brewster

Founder + Chief Changemaker


My core values are equity, social change, honesty, integrity and excellence.

My professional practice is shaped by a wide variety of experiences, from working in and with small businesses, to the Christchurch city rebuild and a year in the Beehive, strategy development for large NGOs and business change programmes in large corporates.

Most days you can find me speaking my truth, challenging the status quo, exercising my strategic and future-focused approach, learning new ways to unlock creative thinking, and practicing a growth mindset. Otherwise I’ll be on my yoga mat, running or ski touring in the Craigieburns.

I started Brewster + Associates to enable me to do more meaningful work, across a wide range of interests and incorporating my community governance roles.

I co-founded the SYNC Collective, which exists to enable people to make a living doing what they are passionate about, to amplify the power of connection and to create an ecosystem of support for those doing work and life their way.