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Helping you thrive in a changing world

Brewster + Associates is a consultancy helping organisations of all kinds thrive in a changing world. We help you to prepare for, manage and communicate change. In an age of constant disruption, a diverse workforce and complex global challenges, it’s never been more important to know your ‘why’, tell your story with purpose and build a high performing, adaptable team.

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“Change is constant, and
the pace is increasing. Are you ready?”

— Andrea Brewster, founder

The Mission:
Be Outstanding

Brewster + Associates grew from the idea that organisations have the power to change the world. Whatever your business does, you have the ability to make a positive difference for your people, community and industry. We want to help you do that by providing expert advice and high quality, pragmatic solutions that work for you.

Our client mix will always include social enterprises and those working to create measurable social impact.

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